Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Map of Lor

A map of the world of Lor. This map is published in the print version of Windchaser, but due to complications and my small brain it's not in the digital versions.

I drew this from snippets of short stories and ideas set on Lor over the last few years. I'm no artist, as you can see, and it's certainly not to scale, but it's a fair indication of the geography of the world in which Windchaser is set. This, along with the dramatis personae and glossary help to add a great deal of depth to the world. I would definately recommend producing a map to any author / writer of high, epic or heroic fantasy.

In a few weeks when I've finally got the ISBN sorted, I will find a way of including this map and the map of Coriathir in the digital version, too - possibly in the appendix.

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